Day 13: Santorini

Wednesday, June 2nd, 1999

Today we rented a jeep and toured the island of Santorini. Making a wide circumnavigation on poorly marked roads, we stop along the way to view interesting sites. Niki's happy because the jeep has no top and allows her to take in some sun.

 We stop at a restaurant along to coast. In front of us is a beautiful black sand beach. The waiters name is Nick and he informs us that he has a brother in Chicago that works at the Greek Islands. 

 We head back to the Esperas and spend the rest of the afternoon lounging around the pool, playing cards, and of course, enjoying some of the local beverages.
EsperasPool.jpg (39412 bytes)   
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  Dinner reservations at Ambrosia. Said to be the finest restaurant on the island, Ambrosia is a very small and romantic place. Seating for about 25 people overlooks the water far below. Our waitress's name is Zoe and she is from Yugoslavia.  As the war in Yugoslavia was still underway during our visit, Zoe provided some very interesting personal insight into her opinions of the conflict. For dinner, Dad and I have lamb with caper leaves. Absolutely incredible!! 

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