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Traceys_Wedding-Pool.jpg (36325 bytes)
The cousins at Tracey's wedding

HarryGeorgeQuinlin.jpg (36086 bytes)
Dad and Uncle George with Mike Quinlin, Chairman and CEO of McDonald's Corporation


HP_baby.jpg (39791 bytes)
Dad with new cousin Ariana


Mcd2.jpg (66467 bytes)
Grand opening of Dad's first McDonald's. Circa 1972


Pam_trio2.jpg (26537 bytes)
Mom's baby photos


NikJoeMic.jpg (41658 bytes)
My sister with her friends Joe and Michele

Niki_Scuba.jpg (61528 bytes)
Great shot of Niki in her Scuba gear. Sorry Nik, I had to do it...
Mom__Dad-Meteora.jpg (42276 bytes)
Mom and Dad in Metaora, Greece

Nikki_Nate_George__Lynn.jpg (31589 bytes)
Niki & I with our Aunt Lynn and Uncle George

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