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Family-Santorini.jpg (31666 bytes)
The family in Santorini Greece


Niki_Nate-Volos.jpg (31244 bytes)
Nikki & I above Volos Greece

Niki_Nate_Album3.jpg (25711 bytes)
Baby pictures of me and Niki

Nate_Birthday2.jpg (67013 bytes)
My birthday party

PH_Wed_pic1.jpg (55891 bytes)
Mom & Dad's wedding photo. Lucky Guy!


Pam_wed1.jpg (49880 bytes)
Beautiful bride


John__Tracey.jpg (23862 bytes)
My first (and favorite) cousins John and Tracy
Italy.jpg (31116 bytes)
Niki, Dad & I in Italy 1994
Traceys_Wedding.jpg (36532 bytes)
Cousin Tracey's wedding

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