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Style 4.1:  
Original format from, a leading web site for online job searching.

v4.1 Page 1.jpg (126788 bytes)   v4.1 Page 2.jpg (94056 bytes)

Style 4.2:
1) Modified heading format

v4.2 Page 1.jpg (125165 bytes)   v4.2 Page 2.jpg (97597 bytes)

Style 4.3:
1) Modified heading format
2) Removed black line from section headings on second page
3) Changed font on left margin info: Experience, Education, etc.

v4.3 Page 1.jpg (126789 bytes)   v4.3 Page 2.jpg (95370 bytes)

Style 4.4:
1) Modified heading format
2) Second page same as above

v4.4 Page 1.jpg (125621 bytes)

Style 4.5:
1) Underlined position tile in the Experience section
2) Removed bold from date and company info in Experience section

v4.5 Page 1.jpg (125425 bytes)   v4.5 Page 2.jpg (92978 bytes)

Style 4.6:
1) Moved date info in the Experience section to the left margin

v4.6 Page 1.jpg (126645 bytes)   v4.6 Page 2.jpg (94777 bytes)