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The_Boys.jpg (55767 bytes)
"The Boys" in Windsor Canada: Mike, Aaron, Bret, Juan and Me


The_Boys2.jpg (33996 bytes)
"The Boys" the next year in Windsor Canada: Bret, Bedros, Me, Aaron, Juan and Undre


Carl__Lori.jpg (22757 bytes)
Niki & I with Lori & Carl Peterson, President, GM, and CEO of the Kansas City Chiefs


Nate__Jimmy-Highschool.jpg (21854 bytes)
High School shot of Jimmy & I


Mike-Cheesehead.jpg (27245 bytes)
Classic Mike at a Packer's game


Aaron__Nate-Steamboat.jpg (24858 bytes)
Aaron and I in Steamboat Springs Colorado


The_Boys-Drinking.jpg (37684 bytes)
"The Boys" tying one on after SummerFest in Milwaukee


Jimmy-Lama.jpg (21940 bytes)
Look Jim.... you still have hair!


Aaron_Mike_and_C.jpg (23314 bytes)
Aaron, Mike and C in Milwaukee


Aaron__Juan.jpg (22113 bytes)
Shot of Aaron and Juan


Aaron__Nate-Packers_Game.jpg (20100 bytes)
Aaron and I... drunk as hell at a Packer's game in Green Bay


Steamboat-00-Base.jpg (58468 bytes)
Chill'n out after a long day on the slopes of Steamboat Springs


Nate_and_Shane.jpg (21911 bytes)
Shane and I at Jimmy's wedding
Cassic_Highschool.jpg (23821 bytes)
Classic and infamous High School shot... Shane, you'll appreciate this one
Steve.jpg (20943 bytes)
My friend Steve, happily in the Navy
The Gang.jpg (47257 bytes)
Here we are in Estes Park, Colorado for the Scottish Festival

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