Glacier National Park


My buddy Jim Pilkey sitting in the front of a boat in Glacier National Park prior to our departure into the backcountry

My friend Jim Pilkey and I spent 5 nights and 6 days backpacking in the Backcountry area of Glacier National Park in Montana. We hiked an average of 8-11 miles a day and covered over 65 miles. Temperatures during our trip ranged from a steamy 95 degrees at the start of the trip down to 31 degrees at our highest elevation. Out of the 6 days we were in the backcountry, it rained for steadily for 5. Our gear stayed wet the entire time we were there. Although this was a physically challenging adventure, we had a really great time.

Below are a few pictures from our trip.

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Jimmy_-_Camp_1.jpg (48225 bytes)
Here's Jimmy preparing to setup camp at the Park campgrounds
Jimmy-Flathead.jpg (32106 bytes)
Before we could begin our hike in the backcountry, we had to ford the mighty Flathead River. The water was about 34 degrees
Glacier_Natl.jpg (66841 bytes)
Hiking through a burned out section of the park, we got to watch eagles hunting their pray on the ground
Nate__Jimmy.jpg (35942 bytes)
Here we are at our high camp. We are wearing every piece of clothing we had.
Nate-River.jpg (42059 bytes)
Taking a rest near one of the many stream crossings on the route.
Jimmy-Injury.jpg (39310 bytes)
This is Jimmy attending to a rather embarrassing injury. Sorry bud, but I had to put this in here.
Nate__Jimmy1.jpg (29905 bytes)
Enjoying the
Tetons.jpg (35559 bytes)
Nice panoramic shot of the Tetons

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