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       Welcome to my 4X4ing Page!

Below, you will find some photos of me and some friends 4x4ing in Colorado. There is no particular order to these photos.

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My_Rover_-_James_Peak.jpg (45476 bytes)
My 1990 Range Rover County below James Peak


Brian_Nate_Romni-Georgetown.jpg (31833 bytes)
Brian, Romni, Aaron and I above Georgetown


Rock Articulation2.jpg (63071 bytes)
Navigating an interesting boulder problem. Smashed my lamp assembly on this try.


Rock Articulation1.jpg (64484 bytes)
Creeping over the top


Rock Articulation1 - Romni.jpg (59343 bytes)
Here's a shot of Romni making it look easy


Rock Articulation2 - Romni.jpg (66017 bytes)
Not a scratch
Me_and_Romni.jpg (22462 bytes)
Me and Romni again
Aaron-Articulation2.jpg (57561 bytes)
A poor attempt at an articulation shot



Romni.jpg (46854 bytes)
My friend Romni's 1989 Range Rover


Me_and_Romni3.jpg (55341 bytes) 
Romni and I below James Peak


Dad Nate Romni.jpg (39508 bytes) 
Romni, Dad and I below James Peak
Aaron-Articulation.jpg (51358 bytes)
Another sad articulation shot. I promise I'll get better at these


rronrock.jpg (36894 bytes)
Someone else's Rover that looks a lot like mine